Rank Team Points
1 Alfred 30
2 Ithaca* 26
3 Niagara* 19
4 Canisius 15
5 St. John Fisher 10
6 U of R 8
7 Hobart 6
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Rank Team Points
1 Plattsburgh* 24
2 Paul Smith's 20
3 Clarkson 15
4 Hamilton 11
5 St. Lawrence 6
6 Potsdam 0
N/A lemoyne 0
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* Not Challenge Cup Eligable

NSCRCO Championships
Nov 11th

Home Away
NSCRO Northeast Playoff Qualifiers
Alfred SUNY Maritime
Vassar Paul Smith's
Please see the north or west pages for more information about division schedules.

Please Note:

All Matches are scheduled for 1pm UNLESS STATED DIFFERENTLY ON THE SCHEDULE.

Game Day Requirements:

  • Match Roster doc
  • Player Verification Form xls
  • Student ID card to verify upon request


  • 4 points for a win
  • 2 points for a tie
  • 1 Bonus point for scoring four or more tries in a match
  • 1 Bonus point for losing by seven points or fewer
  • 0 Points for a loss by eight points or more (Not withstanding 1 bonus point for scoring 4 tries or more)
  • A forfeited game will earn the winning side 4 points for a win plus 1 bonus point based on a score of 28-0
  • Ties: There is no overtime in league play.Ties are entered into the standings and each team is awarded appropriate points.
  • "Mercy Rule" In the spirit of the game, the following will be effect for all league matches: In order to avoid the situation where a team is forced to attempt to score as many points as possible in a match in an attempt to secure a higher finish, we are capping the point differential in a match at 40. Once a team reaches a 40 point lead, the score is frozen. The game continues and the teams will play the game out. For example, if a team gets a 45-5 lead the game continues and the score in the standings will be listed as 45-5 regardless of the actual final score (even if the final point differential is less than 40).