UpSCRC Executive Board

Officer Name Email
Commissioner Bill Krecker (U of R) not2old2ruck@gmail.com
Secretary Annmarie Farrell afarrell@ithaca.edu
Treasurer Rich Worden (Unaffiliated) richworden0343@gmail.com
Directory of 15's Competition Mark Buckley (Paul Smith's) BuckleyM@willex.com
Directory of 7's Competition Sean Morgan (Plattsburgh) morgansean11@gmail.com

UpSCRC Committees

Committee Name Email
Disciplinary Committee Rich Worden (Fisher) richard_worden@urmc.rochester.edu
Sean Morgan (Plattsburgh) morgansean11@gmail.com
Kurt Westcott (Referee Society Rep.) kwestcott08@yahoo.com
Appeals Committee Bill Krecker (U of R)
Steve Caruana (Canisius) caruansj@rocketmail.com
7's Competition Committee Sean Morgan (Plattsburgh)
(Dir. 7's Competition)
Vacant N/A

Alfred Rugby
Info. Current Through: Spring 2019

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Alex George Atg5@alfred.edu
Connor Glasser CG14@alfred.edu
Coach Rick Krause rk7@alfred.edu
President Alex George Atg5@alfred.edu
Match Secretary Prestin Sample Prs3@alfred.edu
Score Reporter Charlie Cespedes Crc8@alfred.edu
Directions to Pitch:

Take Route 244 West off of Rt 21/86/390, Travel straight, past Main Street about 3 Miles to the top of Jericho Hill Rugby Pitch on left

Canisius College
Info. Current Through: Spring 2017

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact David Piraino CCrugby@yahoo.com
Tim Seil
(Assistant Director College Club Sports)
Coach David Piraino CCrugby@yahoo.com
President John Lammers lammersj@canisius.edu
Vice President Devan Conrad conrad3@my.canisius.edu
Match Secretary Brennan Murphy murph121@my.canisius.edu
Score Reporter David Piraino CCrugby@yahoo.com
Directions to Pitch:

Delaware Park, Buffalo NY. Take I-90 t to Buffalo. After toll take Exit 51, NY-33 west to NY-198, the Scajuquada Expressway. Continue a few miles to Parkside Ave. and turn north at light. Go 2 lights and turn left into Delaware Park at the Buffalo Zoo.The pitch is ahead and to the right. Park anywhere except the Zoo parking, which is for zoo patrons. If you go into th ezoo you can park and get the ticket stamped.

Clarkson University
Info. Current Through:

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Dalton Evener evenerdj@clarkson.edu
Coach Gunnar Sutphen sutphegt@clarkson.edu
President Dalton Evener evenerdj@clarkson.edu
Match Secretary Alexander Roberts robertak@clarkson.edu
Score Reporter Alexander Roberts robertak@clarkson.edu
Directions to Pitch:

Get directions to 10 Clarkson Ave. Go down 10 Clarkson Ave. past Kinney's Drugs on the left and take first real road on the right...do not take any right that leads into campus. The road is Baghdad Rd, the pitch is on the right from this direction.

Not Noted

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact John Joseph johnjo14@msn.com
Coach John Joseph johnjo14@msn.com
President Ryan Wall rwall@hamilton.edu
Match Secretary John Joseph johnjo14@msn.com
Score Reporter John Joseph johnjo14@msn.com
Directions to Pitch: Green Apple Way, Clinton NY 13323

Info. Current Through: May 2017

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Hardy Walther hardy.walther@hws.edu
David Hughes dhughes@monroecc.edu
President Hardy Walther hardy.walther@hws.edu
Match Secretary David Hughes dhughes@monroecc.edu
Score Reporter Hardy Walther hardy.walther@hws.edu
Directions to Pitch:

Right on campus on the other side of the field house

Info. Current Through: May 2016

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Annmarie Farrell afarrell@ithaca.edu
Coach Annmarie Farrell afarrell@ithaca.edu
President Nathan Lazickas nlazickas@gmail.com
Match Secretary Annmarie Farrell afarrell@ithaca.edu
Score Reporter Annmarie Farrell afarrell@ithaca.edu
Primary Contact Annmarie Farrell afarrell@ithaca.edu
Directions to Pitch: (GPS Directions) 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Pitch: The rugby field is nearly adjacent to the main campus gate off Route 96B. Most directions to Ithaca will take you through downtown Ithaca and onto Rt. 96B. When you come up to the hill from downtown area, the rugby field will be on your left as you approach campus. Make a left at the campus gates off Rt. 96B (driving into campus) and go to the third exit on the roundabout when you enter campus. The fields will now be on your left. Parking lot is adjacent to the field, please feel free to park there. There is a portable bathroom at the pitch and a water fountain/spout to fill any water bottles.

LeMoyne College
Info. Current Through:

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Pat Foran hatchet.foran@gmail.com
Bob Figueiedo bobfigueiedo5@gmail.com
Coach Pat Foran hatchet.foran@gmail.com
President John Vance vancejp@lemoyne.edu
Match Secretary John Vance vancejp@lemoyne.edu
Score Reporter John Vance vancejp@lemoyne.edu
Directions to Pitch:

From North: 81S to 690 E to Thompson Rd S. Go through light crossing Erie Blvd go up to Stop sign and turn RIGHT onto Springfield. Turn LEFT into first parking lot and follow rd to parking lot behind the soccer field.

From West: 90 E to Exit 39 to 690 E to Thompson Rd S. Go through light crossing Erie Blvd go up to Stop sign and turn RIGHT onto Springfield. Turn LEFT into first parking lot and follow rd to parking lot behind soccer field.

Niagara University
Info. Current Through: Spring 2019

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Gene Adams bscoach@yahoo.com
Coach Gene Adams bscoach@yahoo.com
President Brian Todora btodora@mail.niagara.edu
Match Secretary Gene Adams bscoach@yahoo.com
Score Reporter Wil Perdoza wilpedroza96@gmail.com
Directions to Pitch:

From Rt. 90 Take I-290 West and Exit I-190 North to Niagara Falls
Take I-190 North over 2 Grand Island Bridges. Exit Rt. 31/Wittmer Rd. - go Left/West
Right Turn at the Niagara University sign on Power Authority Service Rd, bearing right onto University Road
Pitch/ Parking is visible on the right
Locker facilities in Kiernan Rec Center Building adjacent to parking

Paul Smith's College
Info. Current Through: August, 2016

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Mark Buckley buckleym@willex.com
Coach Mark Buckley buckleym@willex.com
Assistant Coach Patrick L. Romeo patricklromeo@gmail.com
Match Secretary Mark Buckley buckleym@willex.com
Score Reporter Mark Buckley buckleym@willex.com
Directions to Pitch:

Corner of County Highway 60 and NYS Rte. 86, Gabriel's, NY

SUNY Plattsburgh
Info. Current Through: Spring 2018

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Sean Morgan morgansean11@gmail.com
Karen Waterbury (A.D) wileyks@plattsburgh.edu
Coach Sean Morgan morgansean11@gmail.com
President Jesse Inguaggiato jingu001@plattsburgh.edu
Match Secretary
Score Reporter Jesse Inguaggiato jingu001@plattsburgh.edu
Directions to Pitch:

All home games are played at pitch behind Sibley Hall parking lot. 113 Rugar Street Plattsburgh NY, 12901

SUNY Potsdam
Info. Current Through: Spring 2019

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Bill Mitchell (Dir. Of Club Sports) mitchewj@potsdam.edu
Coach Stanley Martinez martinsj199@potsdam.edu
President Kirk Morgan morgankb201@potsdam.edu
Match Secretary Stanley Martinez martinsj199@potsdam.edu
Score Reporter Stanley Martinez martinsj199@potsdam.edu
Directions to Pitch:

New Location TBA

University of Rochester
Info. Current Through: Dec 201

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Sam Pronovost spronovo@u.rochester.edu
Coach Bill Krecker not2old2ruck@gmail.com
President Sam Pronovost spronovo@u.rochester.edu
Match Secretary Owen Flaherty oflahert@u.rochester.edu
Score Reporter Bill Krecker not2old2ruck@gmail.com
Directions to Pitch:

Fauver Stadium, Library Road, U of R Campus.

St. John Fisher College
Info. Current Through: Jan 2017

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Matt Lake mlake@sjfc.edu
Coach Sean Ryan spr02573@sjfc.edu
Kevin Wagner kwagner@nixonpeabody.com
President Sean Ryan spr02573@sjfc.edu
Match Secretary D'Art Corwin wdc09670@sjfc.edu
Score Reporter Sean Ryan spr02573@sjfc.edu
Directions to Pitch:

3690 East Ave, Rochester NY, 14618. Behind Murphy Hall, which is on the south side of Campus - across the road from the main campus.

St. Lawrence University
Info. Current Through: Not Indicated (Provided 8/14/17)

Officer Name Email
Primary Contact Hunter Scott htscot15@stlawu.edu
Fred Nentwick fcnent16@stlawu.edu
Coach Hunter Scott htscot15@stlawu.edu
President Hunter Scott htscot15@stlawu.edu
Match Secretary Derek Banat dgbana15@stlawu.edu
Score Reporter Hunter Scott htscot15@stlawu.edu
Directions to Pitch:

5 Tupper Lake Dr, Potsdam, NY 13676

Same Pitch as SUNY Potsdam's Rugby Team

Drive to Address above (Maxcy Hall)

The Pitch is located on Canton Drive across from the parking lot

The Pitch will be on the right if you drive in from route 56, on the left if you drive in through the middle of the SUNY Potsdam campus